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Site Safety Audits

The following comes from a current customer of Bailey Safety that continues to have employees not follow the company policies. As you can tell he has had it.

Site safety audits are not going to come with advance notices. That would defeat the purpose.  Safety audits are supposed to be a tool to address issues that field employees may not be aware of (wrong first aid kit, SDS label not legible, etc.).  No one should ever be cited for things like not wearing proper safety equipment, not using a ladder properly, not locking out a piece of equipment, etc. People get complacent and don’t want to follow the No Name Construction Safety Manual and the Field Employees’ Safety Handbook and that will not be tolerated. Like Alex Edwards with Bailey said, “You need to do the right thing even when no one is looking”.

If anyone receiving this email feels you do not need to follow No Name Construction Safety Manual and the Field Employees’ Safety Handbook you need to turn in your immediate resignation. Failure to follow safety policies and procedures will absolutely, not be tolerated.  These policies and procedures are in place for your protection and the protection of others.  Not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars we spend each year on safety equipment, classes and certifications.  Work SMART and take the time to follow safety procedures.  YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.  You have families that depend on you and children that need their fathers.  We cannot afford to have reckless or complacent behavior where your safety is concerned.   If you see someone in the field is not following safety procedures, please call them out on it or report it to me and I will call them out.  You should be looking out for each other in the field.  Please don’t be another statistic.  Any violations of safety procedures will result in consequences including suspension without pay and possible termination.

It awes me that I even must send an email out like this.