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Reading the User Manual

What do you do with those booklets that come with tools, equipment, fall protection, PPE, and other various types of items? Throw it away? Don’t even give it a glance? Or if you do look at it, it might be after you have broken something or hurt yourself. This booklet is called the user manual. I know it is exciting when you first purchase an item. You want to jump right into using it, but do you know how to set it up, inspect it, maintain it, what not to do, and how to safely use it? This is just a fraction of the information you will find in a user manual. Why should you expect to operate something properly without learning about it first? Unfortunately, it is common practice to use the item immediately without educating yourself on it. I am always recommending people to keep the user manuals in a safe place, so they can reference it. This is important for folks that do not have experience using the item. Also, reading the user manual might be easier for people to understand rather than reading the OSHA standards. OSHA will ensure you are using the item per the manufacturer’s instructions. So next time you purchase an item, look at the user manual, and keep it in a safe place for employees to access.