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Osha’s Focus Four: Caught-in Or Between Hazards

Have you been stuck between a rock and a hard place? On construction sites being caught-in or between two objects can be a thin line between life, death, or disability. In this third blog I will discuss OSHA’s focus four topic “Caught-in/ Between hazards”.

In 2016 seventy-two construction workers lost their life due to being caught-in or between objects. The number of recordable and disabling injuries are in the thousands. The ripple effect of these injuries impact employees physically, mentally, and financially. Companies also feel these effects in direct cost, indirect cost, and their EMR being affected.

Caught-in or between injuries and deaths are preventable. Training, engineering controls, safety protocols, and personal protective equipment are areas that companies can implement to eliminate/control caught hazards.

Training is an area that I see companies not participating in. OSHA’s standard 29 CFR 1926.21(b)(2) states “The employer shall instruct each employee in the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions and the regulations applicable to his work environment to control or eliminate any hazards or other exposure to illness or injury.” Companies should provide training that;

  • Identifies common Caught in or Between hazards
  • Describes types of Caught in or Between hazards
  • How to protect yourself and employees from Caught in or Between hazards
  • Recognizes employer requirements to protect employees from Caught in or Between hazards.

Don’t let your employees become a statistic. Something as small as a Tool Box Talk discussing Caught in/between hazards could potential save a life or a life changing injury. If possible take action and implement engineering controls, safety protocols, and PPE use.

Alex Edwards
May 2018