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OSHA Focus Four: Electrocution

Over the past few months I have briefly summarized three of OSHA’s Focus Four topics. The fourth cause of most serious injuries and fatalities in the construction industry is; Electricity. Electrocution is death or serious injury caused by electric shock. Whenever there is bodily contact with electricity there is a chance of fire, burns, shock, falls, unconsciousness, numbness, tingling, paralysis, vision, hearing or speech problems.

There is a huge list of “Dos & Don’ts” when it comes to electrical safety. It’s easy to print off the list and have employees “read” it. This isn’t an effective way to inform employees of electrical safety. Many employees that experience an electrical injury have insufficient training. It is important for everyone to know electric safety practices.

Good working habits can prevent electrical shock and accidental electrocution.  Training shall be present in a format that all employees understand. Express the importance of following precautionary practices. Also, ensure that everyone knows what those precautionary practices are. Employees that develop good working habits and continues to pass those habits onto other employees are extremely valuable to your company.

The list of Dos and Don’ts can be a helpful reminder of precautionary work practices but isn’t enough to protect employees. I believe that high quality training that explains the advantages of following protocol and maintaining good work habits to be the most effective way to protect employees.